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Post MA - new beginnings are daunting but definitely on the horizon

Sutton ‘64

Sutton ‘64

Yesterday I came across this photo of myself, aged one and a bit, and I see the resemblance with my grand daughter who is about the same age. On the back is written “Sutton ‘64” by my mother. The bottom left corner is creased - where it once was slotted into an album with ‘photo corners’. At some point it was removed from its original album and put into a new one. Do you wonder why? It seems fitting to be the first picture of my new blog - after all, much of my work has centred around the ‘family album’ (although not my own); and using archives to bring the past into the present.

It’s the last week of the school holidays, and for me today is the day of new beginnings as I try to work out some kind of new order to my creativity. The MA was time consuming, and already I am missing it! One of the things I really enjoyed was chatting regularly with peers and tutors about our work, getting critical feedback, and having a clear time-based plans. The results aren’t in yet, but as I wait, I am anxious to get on and not lose the momentum of creating new work, writing about it in a new way; and being proactive in sharing the hows, whats and whys.

One of the first things I intend to do is to create new work and show its progress, and I want to get going before I’m back to school next week. I can’t wait to get started!